Aimé Césaire

Ann interviewing Aimé Césaire

Mosaic Media Arts promotes inter-cultural understanding by producing educational documentaries about Caribbean writers and artists from the African Diaspora.  The films enhance studies in African-American History, Multicultural Affairs, Black Studies, English, French, Literature, Women’s Studies, Sculpture and Visual Arts.  Universities, high schools, libraries and museums use our films.


Our dynamic, compelling film, screened at the Texas Black Film Festival 2009, presents Victor Anicet, the acclaimed ceramist, historian and artist from Martinique. Discover or renew your acquaintance with this individual, one of the most gifted artists of his generation! Our DVD highlights Anicet’s unique techniques of collage as well as his remarkable ceramic work. The film also shows some of the pieces Anicet has designed for special occasions such as the Prix Carbet. Anicetpic1